Sravanthi Mamillapalli


Name- Sravanthi Mamillapalli
Height- 5ft 9 inches 
Weight- 55 Kgs
Vital Stat- 31-25-35
HomeTown- Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh
Current City- Mumbai, Maharashtra
Profession- Fashionmodel 
Modeling Agencies- Toabh Talent , Runway Lifestyle
Sravanthi Mamillapalli-Born and Bought up in Hyderabad, a corporate girl, quit her job at Oracle Bangalore in search of something new. Stumbled into modeling without any plan what followed after was winning the model hunt organized by Alesia Raut & Yatin Gandhi and then the selection to top 10 Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt 3. 
Just like the name"Sravanthi"- She believes that life & learning are never ending.
The dusky sensational fashiondiva is on the way of becoming the renowned icon of Indian fashion industry.She had walked the ramp for Lakme Fashion show , FDCI. Had done a couple of TV Commercials, a few with Shahrukh Khan for & D-Decor and a number of Lookbooks & Printshoots.
Apart from the being a Model, Sravanthi is a poet. She writes under the name "YetUnknown" & dreams of publishing her book soon.
Mode -Portrait in Monochrome with Closeup
If eyes are the window of soul-then we are absolutely captivated by her eyes. Take one look & you will be too!
It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but doesn’t a pair of pretty eyes just make it so much easier to fall for, or rather, into? After all there have been songs, poems written in praise of eyes…and these gorgeous eyes, prove that they are worth all the attention they get! 
Mode-Ethnic Looks
Mode- Monochrome Portraiture with Vintage Style
She likes her portrait to have a certain medieval classic feel. Her fashion style and looks is absolutely a reflection of the perception of beauty and what appeals to her senses and pleases her eyes. 
She is always working on herself & improving to refine her style. She is not scared of experimenting and breaking the rules, she was named the Rule Breaker at the Kingfisher Hunt. 
Mode- The Elegance of Beauty
The more natural she is, the better shoot she will get. 
For a supermodel the perfect frame is not where her hair is all pinned up to place, but the ones where the moment is perfect and it feels right. And most of all a fashion model always focus on having a wonderful shoot day.
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